WordPress solutions backed by Amazon’s powerful cloud platform

The best WordPress hosting
solution for your business

Improve performance of your WordPress website, protect your business and accelerate development,
all backed by award-winning, 24/7 support

Automated Site Migrations

Move your sites to our platform with no downtime

Local WordPress Development

Build, test, and deploy sites faster with the #1 WordPress local development tool

Premium Themes and Block Tools

Build better sites faster with our powerful Elegant themes & block tools

Web Site Care Report

Receive an exclusive Web Site Care Report every month

In this report, you can find a summary of your website condition and maintenance services provided.
WordPress Version, Active Theme, Website Uptime, Plugins Updated, Average Pagespeed and more…

Free include in every plan!!


We check your website to make sure it is up & running every five (5) minutes. It can be offline for a number of reasons such as when we update & test it or sometimes there may be a delay on the server.

BackUp Updates

We´ve scanned your website 30 backup(s) of your website during the report period and safely stored them away giving you peace of mind!

Security Checks Completed

We have scanned your website 30 times to check for malicious software or malware ensuring your site stays in tip top condition

Next-level managed WordPress

Everything your website needs
from start-up to success

We have over 10 years of experience working with WordPress and we’ve poured all that know-how into creating the best managed WordPress hosting solution available today.

Speed obsessive architecture

We use state-of-the-art technology like Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and compute-optimized VMs to make sure your website loads in the blink of an eye. Featuring complete resource isolation, a scalable infrastructure and high uptime

Amazon AWS Cloud platform

Powered by Amazon AWS Cloud Platform and its global data centers. Everything is interconnected over its premium tier network, designed to minimize distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure transport of your data

High security network

A secure firewall powered by Cloudflare. Active and passive measures to stop attacks and malicious intent in its tracks. Continuous monitoring for uptime, free DDoS protection and mitigation, software-based restrictions, SSL support and hardware firewalls

Global Network
of AWS Regions

The AWS Cloud spans 81 availability zones within 25 geographic regions around the world, with announced plans for 24 more availability zones and 8 more AWS Regions in Australia, India, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Save hours of work and
hundreds of dollars every month

Industry-leading speed by fastest CPUs

The highest-end CPUs and global availability thanks to Amazon AWS machines.
Improve your performance from 30% all the way up to 200%!

Built-in Application Performance Monitoring

Identify the performance issues slowing down your site with our custom-designed performance monitoring tool for WordPress sites. Available in all plans!

Global Content Delivery Network

Choose from AWS data centers worldwide to deliver blazing-fast pages and
serve your cached assets from your website visitors’ closest location

Join websites that trust ayeluya! WP Managed Hosting

Dedicated solutions for your needs

Discover our tailor-made hosting services and see which one fits your business needs best. Improve performance of your WordPress website, protect your business, and accelerate development, all backed by award-winning, 24/7 support.


Launch with the flexibility your enterprise website demands

Deliver consistently extraordinary performance

Drive peak performance with highly scalable and redundant solutions with built in burst capacity optimized for WordPress websites

Secure your audience and protect your brand

Gain enterprise-grade security backed by SOC-2 Type II examination, DDoS protection, managed Web Application Firewall and default protections

Dedicated support from an award-winning team of experts

Access to a dedicated success team which provides custom onboarding, technical health assessments, and executive business reviews


Enjoy features designed for
next-level growth

Free Developer Account

Host your site, stage any client WordPress project and use all our dev tools for free

Highly customizable plans

Whether you need more installs, more SSD space, or site visits, we’ll create a plan that works for you

Build trust with clients

Seamlessly schedule customized, recurring agency-branded reports for your clients

Small Business

Focus on growing your business,
not website maintenance

Enjoy the fastest performance in WordPress

Want more visitors, higher conversion rates and better SEO rankings? Our highly-optimized platform is better for your business, and it’s better for your visitors!

Secure your website & focus on your business

Take advantage of automated WordPress updates, managed upgrades, daily backups, and handle continuous website monitoring. All of this helps you keep your site secure so you can focus on your business.

Automatically migrate your business from another host in minutes

Switching to ayeluya! couldn’t be easier! Move your business websites over on your own time, and rely on our expert WordPress support 24x7x365 if you need it.


eCommerce Plans That Make WooCommerce Hosting Better

Go to market on high-performance infrastructure

We provide best-in-class infrastructure options that we optimize for WordPress. Enjoy built-in scalability and redundant architecture solutions with our 99.99% uptime SLA.

Reduce security risks

We continuously run malware scans, support IP Geolocation blocking and automatically ban abusive IPs. Free Cloudflare SSL, SFTP, SSH, HTTP/3 and A+ ratings on Qualys SSL Labs are standard.

Automatic backups

Rest easy knowing your ecommerce data is safe and secure. We backup your site automatically on a daily basis. These backup points can be used to instantly roll back your site in case of a problem

Web Design + Development

Modern design for premium brands

It is crucial in web design to create a platform that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but that also serves key functionality, delivering results. We look at our web development in deep detail, we design our websites with specific goals in mind.

Reach out & get started

We work closely with companies of all sizes to establish powerful brand identity systems and intuitive, converting websites.
Want to discuss your project first? Shoot us an email with basic info and we can schedule a consulting call to determine a solution and approach that works best for you.

24/7 support by WordPress experts

We don’t do tiered support. You’ll get all the help and support you need from best-in-class support staff.

WordPress support, when you need it most

When you need help, customer support is everything. WP Engine’s trusted WordPress experts act as an extension of your business and are committed to your success. From pre-launch to go live and beyond, we’re here for you

Ready to get started?

Custom plans that scale with your business

ayeluya! WP Hosting gives you industry-leading speed, security, and stability that you need to start or grow your website. We host agencies and enterprise clients of all sizes. Plans with special needs are available, as well as dedicated VMs.

Any special needs?

We know you expect the highest quality. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!